Kickstarter Spotlight | Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles


Before I talk about the game I am highlighting I wanted to take a second and let you know a couple things. First, I am changing things up with how I do Kickstarter Highlights. I will be moving it to a weekly post every Friday, and still, hone in on one campaign that I particularly like. That too may also change into a top three highlight. I am also still aiming for three posts a week, but I will also be showcasing my Youtube Channel here. The main reason for this is because I am operating this blog alone, and my main goal is to develop the stories I have in my head into games for you all! So for me to keep the main objective I needed to give myself the room with my blog. The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is that I can't completely convey my thanks to you for visiting this blog! I have learned so much in the short time I have kept it up and I hope to bring you better posts every week. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for visiting, interacting, and sharing! Now to why you opened this post, to begin with...

You are going to want to sit down for this one as it may come as a shock to you. My first real love in the nerd world was comics, specifically Batman comics. I loved the 90's Batman cartoons, I loved the Batman movies, and even though I have gone back and forth with the direction DC has taken him throughout the years - I am still a Batman fan and probably always will be. Now, what is interesting about my fandom is that my love of Batman correlates more with my love of the world than the hero himself. The way all the anti-heroes and villains interact and the grayness about who is "good" and "bad" always appealed to me.

Monolith Board Games is bringing an amazing looking game out in the form of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. There is a lot to talk about with this specific campaign - but I want to highlight a few things to tease you into visiting the page to see more. The first thing to understand is that this game is going to be a Kickstarter Exclusive. The entire thing will not be available for retail. A lot of games are going that direction and for something, at the pricepoints of $140 (base pledge) and $320 (all-in pledge), I don't blame the publisher one bit.  That is an expensive venture to test the waters with the traditional model.

Secondly, let's talk figures. The characters are perfectly captured here, and I chose to show Batman and Scarecrow so you have a villain and a hero to compare. Outside of how well the characters are captured, the sheer volume of figs is enough to make someone want to jump on this project. The base level has about 141 minifigs and they are still releasing more stretch goals!


Amazing components and 20 scenarios in the base game - PLUS judging by how Monolith treats fans of their CONAN game tells me that this will be a game to have and enjoy for a long time. For the base pledge that comes to $7 a scenario, that is a great deal in my book. There is a lot more information on the Kickstarter page. You should really check it out and let me know if you plan on backing it - I am trying to figure out how I can convince the wife to take the plunge on a game of this magnitude.

Let me know if there was another Kickstarter that you liked that I should check out, or if you have an opinion on the direction of my Kickstarter Highlights or even the blog itself! I want to know what people like and then make more of that content. Other than that, I hope you have a great Friday and...

Stay Foolish!