Kickstarter Spotlight | Algobrix

Legos became just a little cooler and learning to code for children even easier. I was really excited when I ran across this project, and looking over the page I am still excited. "Algobrix" is aimed to help children (read: anyone) learn coding principles. They will accomplish this by creating directives for their Algobot. Sticking various cubes together there are multiple levels of difficulty. From understanding basic movements to timing of those movements and interacting with outside circumstances. Just trust me and check out the project HERE.

What excites me about this?

  1. Kids will learn coding principles and robotic movement. We want the next generation to have the best opportunity moving forward and helping them think like a coder is definitely an option.
  2. There are multiple bots in the project and more seem to be coming, also with this project being compatible with LEGO the opportunities seem endless. When I was a kid making stories with LEGO having the ability to create automatic movements would have created a whole new world of possibilities.
  3. This is for adults too. I think humans learn a lot while having fun, and we should constantly be learning. This very well might help people get a grasp on coding and could help people in the process of learning.

My only complaint with the entire project is that they are offering "early bird" pledge levels. I completely understand the mindset in creating them. It helps to boost your project as soon as you launch. I still think that doing this may keep some people from backing. That being said... this project is over-funded. I am excited to see the final project, and there are still 20 days (as of writing this) for you to back this project!

Readers, what are some Kickstarter projects that are exciting to you!? Send them my way so I can see what other people are looking into. Don't forget to check out other Kickstarter Spotlight posts HERE

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