It has been a while!

When I started this blog, my main goal was to give back to the gaming community as a whole. My hope was that I could share a bit about who I am and what I think looks good on Kickstarter. Since then I have added various series and taken some down. I have switched my web hosting and development from Wordpress to Squarespace. This has proven to be a very good call as it has made my life easier in regards to web development. I had to choose what was an important thing to give my time to because, as you may know, I am working on my first real tabletop game. Escape The Fest is actually done, so I am not working on it... but more on marketing and setting up manufacturing/logistics. 

Three of my new feature image styles - more to come. (Like the new logo?)

Creating a business is already a full-time job and I knew that my blog would get hit up. I have tried to figure out new ways to add content that won't kill me - and I think I am finding that flow! While I am updating the feature images to make everything look cohesive, I am developing a pretty easy video series as well as getting ready to write more reviews for some amazing looking games. 

All this to say, I haven't forgotten this side of my life, but I am learning how to better organize my time and making sure that I am putting the best time I have into my business. These posts may be slower getting out to you, but I do hope that you enjoy them when they do arrive, and I will be developing a new content calendar for the blog and will let you know what that looks like when it is ready! 

Oh yeah! Exciting news in my life, I just got back from Paradiso (the music festival that helped birth Escape The Fest!) and I had the gift of being an "artist" this year. I was able to showcase the game to various artists and talk about it with a lot of amazing people. I know that probably would make for a better blog post... but I will break down that experience on the next blog post and I will talk about the importance of trying new techniques when getting your game to market. 

Stay Foolish!