Kickstarter Spotlight | Chai


A light drizzle and a gray day outside forces you to stay inside with a hot cup of tea and you pull out your new game… about tea. If this sounds like a great day to you then have I found the perfect Kickstarter for you to look into!

With Chai you can experience what it means to be a tea merchant going on a search to prepare specialized teas for customers coming into your store and your main objective is to have the most points at the end of the game.

Chai looks to be a family friendly welcome to great gateway games like Splendor so if you are looking to add some variety to your life as you introduce other to the hobby, I would consider backing this. The part of this game that is really exciting to me is the marketplace. Opposed to the engine building you would find in Splendor - Chai has almost a mini game happening in the center of the larger game. When you go to purchase flavor tiles from the marketplace you will tie in all the same types of flavors and purchase them for the highest cost in the group. So for example, if you have 4 red flavor tiles connected to each other you figure out the furthest tile to the right and pay the cost for it, gaining all the connected ones to that tile.

This allows for drafting against your opponents and paying attention to how the other flavor tiles will connect, because once you have purchased them the tiles slide down, like Candy Crush, and then you fill the empty spaces allowing for your opponents to capitalize on your choices.

I always enjoy a game utilizing a market system like this, and they also have two other options for your turn. Maybe you don’t need to grab ingredients from the market, then head to the pantry to find things like milk or honey. There may possibly be a customer that you want to secure in helping, then you could choose to reserve a customer and utilize an ability that is available.

This game looks like a lot of fun, and well thought out in terms of player options in the pursuit of becoming the best tea merchant. The campaign is already successful and the price point at $59 (because it is $9 more than the base pledge and you get the metal coins… so why not go this route!?) is worth it in my opinion. Check out the Kickstarter HERE!

Let me know in the comments why you want to play this game, or why tea is a tough sell to you, but in all things I hope that you…

Stay Foolish!